St Peter's Mass Sign Up - Registrar Para Misa

As of May 9th Bishop Berg has lifted the suspension of public masses. However in keeping with the current county rules masses must be limited to 50 attendees total for the time being. In order to attend mass please review the guidelines and fill out the form below in order to reserve a space.

Nuestro Obispo ha dicho que podemos tener misa ya, pero solamente por 50 personas ahora misma por las reglas de la ciudad. Para reservar espacios por favor lee las pautas abajo y llenar la forma. Gracias.

Upcoming Masses: Misas Proximas:

Due to current public health orders limiting the number of attendees, we respectfully ask the faithful to only attend 1 to 2 Sundaymasses per month to allow everyone to experience the Holy Mass. Those who cannot attend mass in person are dispensed from their Sunday obligation. Keeping holy the sabbath should still be observed as an intentional time in prayer including participation in one of the live-streamed Masses at the normal Mass times and making a spiritual communion.

We encourage all parishioners to attend weekday masses as well.

It is not necessary to signup for weekday masses.

NEW UPDATE: Due to a change in county regulations it is now required that everyone wear a mask while attending mass. Also Please be respectful of the requirement to be at Mass on time. There is the possibility that those who show up late may be turned away.

Saturday August 15th 6:30 pm
24 spaces available
24 Espacios Disponibles

Sábado Agosto 15th 6:30 pm
Sunday August 16th 10:30 am
24 spaces available
24 Espacios Disponibles

Domingo Agosto 16th 10:30 am
Sunday August 16th 12:00 pm
44 spaces available
44 Espacios Disponibles

Domingo Agosto 16th 12:00 pm
Saturday August 22nd 6:30 pm
36 spaces available
36 Espacios Disponibles

Sábado Agosto 22nd 6:30 pm
Sunday August 23rd 10:30 am
43 spaces available
43 Espacios Disponibles

Domingo Agosto 23rd 10:30 am
Sunday August 23rd 12:00 pm
45 spaces available
45 Espacios Disponibles

Domingo Agosto 23rd 12:00 pm

Number of Attendees:
Numero de Personas:

Names of Attendees:
Nombres de Personas:

Willing to Usher if needed
Puedo estar el ujier.
Please see Usher and Lector Guidlines here.

Willing to help clean after
Puedo ayudar a limpiar despues

Contact Phone #:
Numero de Contacto:

Contact Email:
Correo Electrónico:

Message / Notes:
Mensaje o otro:

I have reviewed the guidelines.
He revisado las pautas.

If you are having problems with this form please call the office, 970-641-0808, and you can register over the phone.