St Peter's Mass Sign Up - Registrar Para Misa

As of May 9th Bishop Berg has lifted the suspension of public masses. However in keeping with the current county rules masses must be limited to 50 attendees total for the time being. In order to attend mass please fill out the form below in order to reserve a space.

Nuestro Obispo ha dicho que podemos tener misa ya, pero solamente por 50 personas ahora misma por las reglas de la ciudad. Para reservar espacios por favor llena la forma. Gracias.

Upcoming Masses: Misas Proximas:

It is not necessary to signup for weekday mass or communion service.

Sunday October 25th 12:00 pm
41 spaces available
41 Espacios Disponibles

Domingo Octubre 25th 12:00 pm
Saturday October 31st 5:00 pm
37 spaces available
37 Espacios Disponibles

Sábado Octubre 31st 5:00 pm
Sunday November 1st 10:30 am
35 spaces available
35 Espacios Disponibles

Domingo Noviembre 1st 10:30 am
Sunday November 1st 12:00 pm
45 spaces available
45 Espacios Disponibles

Domingo Noviembre 1st 12:00 pm

Number of Attendees:
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If you are having problems with this form please call the office, 970-641-0808, and you can register over the phone.